Recover HSC Application PIN Number

How to Recover HSC Application PIN Number (Security Code)?

Online application for HSC admission has been initiated which satisfies the demands and interests of digital Bangladesh. After applying online, a PIN code is provided. It is a matter of sorrow that many people forget this PIN code. This fact is normal for us because it is our natural characteristics. Though you forgot the HSC Admissions PIN code, there is nothing to be so much worried. We are here with our tips for you on how to Recover HSC Application PIN number. Reading our instructions, anyone can easily retrieve their lost PIN code. It is a very simple job.

To recover HSC Application PIN number, simply you have to go through several processes. For the benefit and better understanding of everyone, we have discussed each process at different points. It is a matter of time to recover your forgotten PIN code. So we would recommend you not to be worried and just follow our guidelines. Let us start the detailed discussion step by step.

Recover HSC Application PIN Number

You are may be worried about how you would recover the forgotten PIN. Many of you are afraid that the application may get canceled. You are getting a lot of tension which is not actually worthy of. There is also a solution to any problem in this digital era. If you forget the application pin then it is not a big matter to recover that. Just going through some simple steps, you would get your lost application PIN again. So without making any further delay, we are going to show you How to Recover HSC Application PIN Number.


To recover your lost PIN number, you will need to visit  to this site at the first step. After the site is loaded, you will get an option named সিকিউরিটি কোড পুনরুদ্ধার. Click on this that link. A new window will appear in front of you when you click on that link.

Website is loading…


In the new page that comes to you, there you will get a box for typing your SSC roll number. Type your SSC roll number there just according to your admit card. Hopefully, you will not have any problem to successfully complete this step.


After typing the roll number of your SSC examination, you will get another box option below. You need to fill up this box with your SSC registration number. Your registration card will have this 6 digit number. Type it in the empty box. This is also a very simple step.


Now this time you have to select your board. You will get a drop-down menu for selecting your board. You will have to select the board name from the drop-down menu under which you have passed your SSC examination. Now select your passing board name and go to next step.


After you select your board, you have to select the passing year. You will also get a drop-down menu as usual. Select the year you have passed your SSC examination. For example, if you have passed in 2024 then select the year 2024.


Then there you will get another blank box where you have to write your mother’s name. Write the name of your mother as exactly as you have written in your SSC registration card or admit card. If you make any mistake in writing the name of your mother, you will not get any code then. So be careful about the spelling when you are typing the name.


You need to provide your payment transaction number at this step. While applying for your admission, a transaction number was used to make payments. You have to give that transaction number here. You will not be able to retrieve the security PIN if you provide other payment transaction number. Type the message on your phone clearly and then type the transaction number.


Now you have to give your mobile number. But you have to keep in mind that the number you have used to apply online, now you need to put that number here. You cannot recover your pin if you provide any other number.


This time you do not have to give any information. There will be a captcha code there. Type that in the box exactly. If you have problems understanding the captcha, click on the try another option. Another new captcha will come. Type the captcha and click on the submit button. However, currently, the verification code is being provided instead of the captcha. There is a 5-digit code on the left side of the box. Just type it in the box exactly and click on the submit button below.

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When you would submit the verification form after fill up, you will get a PIN code within a few moments through SMS to the number that you have used during the application time. This is your restored security code. Save it very carefully. Because the security pin can be restored only once.

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Now you have seen how easily you could be able to recover the PIN. But a few moments ago how anxious you were for it. When you think carefully and keep your head cool, everything seems simple. Those who forgot the HSC admission pin might have recovered it by this time following our guidelines.

As the senior, we put our best effort in all possible way to help you. The foundation of your higher education starts to build through your HSC admission. Higher secondary is the first step of the higher education. You of today are going to be the pride of different famous universities of the country in the upcoming day. We hope your higher education life becomes like the blossoming rose. It is all for today. Good luck for all of your higher education.

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