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HSC Result 2024 Publish All educationboardresults.gov.bd. HSC examination is the most important examination for a student. Because the hope and nature of the higher education mostly depend on the HSC result. The higher secondary examination can be called the doorway of admission to the university level. HSC examination of this year has ended long ago. A few days later HSC result 2022 will be published. There is no end to worry about the result to the students. Some are thinking like will we pass? Some are thinking like would the result be according to the expectation? Almost all of the students are experiencing such anxiety about the result. Remaining in the situation like these, everyone is eagerly waiting when the HSC result 2024 will be published. Along with you, your relatives are also counting the days for the result.

We would like to inform you the way how you would also get the result before the other students get. If you follow our method, you all would get your result very easily sitting at your home. In today’s review, we are going to explain to you when and how the result will be published, how you would get the result. So here is the step by step information related to the result mentioned below for those who are waiting for HSC result.

HSC Result 2024 and Equivalent Results

HSC and equivalent examinations have not been completed very long. Everyone is busy with university admission coaching. But the day is going on at its own pace. Hsc result 2022 is also appearing slowly. After few more days, the Ministry of Education will publish HSC, Alim and equivalent examination results at the same time in the whole country. HSC result is the turning point of education life. Where you are going to study mostly depends on this result. So higher secondary level results are very important to everyone. You are also waiting for the HSC Exam result and how to get the result. today’s guideline is to clarify the answers to many of the questions you have about your result. So let us know all the information about the result.

HSC exam Result
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When Will the HSC Result 2022 Be Published?

The Ministry of Education has not yet published any date for the HSC, Alim and equivalent results this year. If we analyze the previous academic years, it is found that the result is normally HSC Result publish Date within 60 days after the end of the examination. As such, this year HSC, Alim and equivalent examination result may be published on 30th December 2022. You could be fairly sure that the result will be published within this period. But do not waste your time for the results rather prepare yourself for admission to the university at this time.

Different Ways of Publishing Result

Previously the results were published only through the center. But with the advancement of technology, the result publishing system has become so much digital. Because of which you could get the HSC result sitting in your home. Now the Ministry of Education publishes results in several ways. You can get results in any of these methods. The list of methods through which the Ministry of Education publishes the result is given below.

  • Online method
  • SMS method
  • Traditional method

We would now like to explain you all the details.

HSC Results In the Online Method

People search HSC result mostly online. Considering the fact of that, the Ministry of Education publishes the result through online as well besides SMS. Finding the results online is most convenient. Because the full mark sheet is available here. If you want you can print the mark sheet and use for admission. Though the HSC result was published on one site, it is now being published on two sites. The links of the sites through which the Ministry of Education publishes results are given below.



Take a look at the guideline about how to get results from those two sites.

HSC Result 2024 BD Download

HSC Result 2024 Marksheet In Online

How to get results from www.educationboardresults.gov.bd this site: Those who want to get HSC, Alim or equivalent results from this website, browse the site first. Then you will see some information in the form of table related to the results is being asked. In the beginning, the result type HSC / Alim / Equivalent is selected by default. You do not need to do anything in this sector that means leave it as it is. Then there will come the passing year, board, HSC roll number, registration number. Give accurate information about all the options. Then, in the box below, you will be asked to write the sum of the numbers. Click on the submit button after writing that. Within a short time, you will get your HSC result.

Finding HSC results through http://eboardresults.com/app/: The method of finding results in this site is mostly similar to the previous one. Browse the site first. When the site is loaded, select the HSC / Alim / Equivalent result from the drop-down menu. However, that is by default selected there. Then select your passing year ‘2022’ and select the name of your board. Select the result type ‘individual’ at the below box. Then a box will appear to type the HSC roll number. After typing the roll number, write the following captcha correctly and click on the ‘get result’. Within a few moments, you will get results with your mark sheet.

Alim Result 2024 Download

HSC Result 2022 In SMS Method

HSC results are also being published through SMS for several years. With the help of the government mobile operator Teletalk, the Ministry of Education publishes results through SMS. Even though it is published through Teletalk, you can get the HSC result through the sim of any operator. For that, go to the message option of your mobile and type

HSC <space> first 3 letters of boards <space> HSC roll number <space> HSC passing year

The format would be like this – HSC COM 124566 2022 16222

and then send it to 16222. We would make you understand the whole SMS process more easily.

  • HSC: This is the format code of SMS. Since it is the HSC result so it should be written like this. Those who have participated in the examination under the Madrasha, Technical Education Board also have to write HSC. The real fact is that you cannot change the SMS format code. If you change you will not get the result. So you have to write ‘HSC’ exactly.
  • First 3 letter of the board: You will then need to write the first 3 letters of the board. It means that you have to write the first 3 letters of the board under which you have attended the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations. For your convenience, the list of the first three letters of all the boards is given below.

HSC Result 2024 All Education Board Download

Barishal Board BAR
Comilla Board COM
Chittagong Board CHI
Dhaka Board DHA
Dinjapur Board DIN
Jessore Board JES
Mymensingh Board MYM
Rajshahi board RAJ
Sylhet board  SYL
Madrasha board MAD
Technical board TEC
  • HSC roll number: You will then have to type HSC roll number. You would get your roll number from your admit card. type the roll number exactly as it is in the admit card and give a space.
  • HSC passing year: You have to provide the HSC passing year in the next step. This means that you have to type the year which year you have sat for HSC examination. Since it is 2022 result so everyone will write ‘2022’. Then you have to send it to 16222.

After a few time, you will get your result through SMS.

HSC Result In the Traditional Method

Besides the digital system, the Ministry of Education will also publish the HSC results in the traditional system. This is exactly the same way how we used to get results from the center earlier. You would also get the result in the form of the chart in those institutions where the HSC, Alim and equivalent examinations have been held. Students can find the results by their roll number going to their respective center.

College / Madrasha HSC Result with EIIN Number

Besides the individual results, you would also get the results of all organizations through online. If you want to get all the results of your college / madrasha together then you have to visit http://eboardresults.com/app/ this site. Entering the site, you need to select the result type ‘institute’.  Then you have to write the EIIN code of your college / madrasha. After that, you have to fill up the rest of the information correctly and click on ‘get result’. Then you would get your whole college / madrasha results together.

Easily Challenge Your HSC Result

For any reason, if your result is not as per your expectation, you can challenge your result for re-check. Many think this fact as a complex job and do not challenge the result. Actually, it is not that much complicated. You can challenge your own results by passing a few simple steps. For this, you will need a Teletalk SIM. First, go to the message option and type

RSC <Space> First 3 letters of your board name <space> roll number <space> subject code

For example: Suppose you are a student under Dhaka Board. If your HSC roll number is 456789 and you want to challenge your English result, then you have to write in this way:

RSC <Space> DHA <space> 456789 <space> 103

After that, you have to send the message the number 16222.

Last Words for HSC Result

We have almost come to the end of our guidelines on the results. After a few more words, we are going to finish the review today. The way we have explained everything step by step, hopefully, there will be no problem for anyone to get the result. We have openly discussed all the methods in which the result will be published. The day on which the HSC result 2022 will be published will be one of your best days.

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