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GSA Result 2022 | Government School Admission (GSA) Result 2022

GSA Result 2022 | Government School Admission (GSA) Result 2022. Govt & non govt School class 1 to 9 admission lottery result has been uncovered on admission application for Govt school started on December 15 2024, and the admission process ended on December 27, 2024. Although Govt school all class admission lottery result 2022 published date is on 11 January 2022.

So when will the results be published?

Let’s find out why the release date of the results was postponed, according to new notice Govt school admission result date is 11 January 2022 (04.00 PM)

GSA Result 2022

The online application for admission in all government schools including Dhaka metropolis started on 15 December, 2024. And the online admission application process will end on 27 December 27, 20. Those who will apply online within this period for admission to government schools, their result was supposed to be published on 11 Janury 2022.

Government School Admission (GSA) Result 2022

After the results are published, the result will be available on this website Student user ID & PIN number may be required to get the lottery result 2022.

We will see a different option on this website called ‘Result’, when the result is published. By entering this option, and providing the required information, we will see the lottery result 2022. We will tell you step by step, how you will get the result when the result is published. We will let you know on our website, when the results are published and we will update this post.

GSA Result 2022 related official website may take time to open for heavy server load. So take time after clicking on result button link.

Class 1 – The educational life of a student starts from this class. Every year students are admitted to this class through a lottery process. It will be the same this year. Class 1 admission lottery result 2022 can be found on our site, when it comes out.

Zilla School Admission Result 2022

Panchagarh School Admission Result 2022

Dinajpur School Admission Result 2022

The second stage of primary school is class 2. After passing Class 1, a student can be admitted to Class 2. If a student want to be admitted in class 2, he/she have to pass class 1. Class 2 admission lottery result 2022 will be published soon for those who have applied for admission in Class 2.

Class 3 – students find it a little difficult at first. Because the number of students’ books is doubled in this class. But gradually the students became accustomed. However, Class 3 admission lottery result 2022 will be available on our site soon.

When a student promotes to class 4, he/she became more mature than previous class. Class 4 is the class before the last class of primary school. Students have a lot to learn in this class. Those who have applied online for admission in Class 4 their admission lottery result 2022 will be released soon. And can be found on our site as well as official site

This is the last class of primary school life. Class 5 is very important for students. If you can’t pass from the last class of primary school, you can’t be admitted to high school. Those who are waiting for Class 5 admission lottery result 2022, stay with us. The date of publication of results will be announced soon.

An important chapter of students’ learning life starts from class 6. Class 6 is the first step of high school. Students are very interested in getting admission in class 6. Class 6 admission lottery result 2022 along with other classes will be published soon on our site. So, stay with us.

After passing from class 6, a student can be admitted in class 7. Studying in class 7 is not very difficult. With a little time, students will be able to get good results from this class. Many students may have applied to different schools for admission to Class 7 and waiting for class 7 admission lottery result 2022. Class 7’s admission lottery result will be released very soon.

Class 8 is another important class. In class 8, Junior School Certificate (abbreviated as JSC) exam is held. This exam is very important in a students academic life. It impacts later college admission & job interview also. Class 8 admission lottery result 2022 for this class will be available with all other classes.

Class 9 admission lottery result 2022 will be published soon along with other classes (class 1 to class 9). Class 9 Admission test will not be taken this year like previous years. Due to the Corona epidemic, this year the student selection process will be completed in the lottery system.

If you are class 9 student, you can check your class 9 admission lottery result 2022 from our website as well as official website

Government School Admission  Result 2022

Reasons for postponing the date of School admission lottery result 2022:

The School lottery results were supposed to be published on December 30, 2024, but the lottery process were temporarily postponed due to the ongoing writ petition No. 10309/2024 of the Hon’ble High Court Division.

Admission Result determined Process

Each year, only Class One students were selected through a lottery process. But this year, students of all classes (class 1 to class 9) will be admitted in this same system i.e. lottery system. Admission committee members will complete the lottery process. And the whole process can be through the computer.

We all know the reason, why admission will be taken in lottery system this year. The reason is the Covid-19 epidemic. Various examinations are being postponed and various examinations are being canceled due to the Corona epidemic. Until this Corona epidemic goes away, not everything may be as per the rules of other years. This is the main reason, why candidates will be selected in this year through lottery process.

Admit Card Download of Govt School Admission 2022

Once a student is selected in the lottery system, student can download the admit card from this website It’s the official website for government school admissions and admission results.

First you have to enter this site to get the admit card.
Select the “Get Admit Card” option.
Now, download the admit card with the student’s user ID and PIN number.

How to recover PIN number & user ID if I forget?

We sometimes forget important things like passwords. However, if you forget the PIN number or user ID, there is no reason to worry. You can recover PIN number and user ID. How to recover?

To recover user ID and PIN number, follow the procedure below.

If know User ID: GSA <Space> Help <Space> User <Space> User ID & send to 16222
If know PIN Number: GSA <Space> Help <Space> PIN <Space> PIN No & send to 16222

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